What attracted a woman to a man?

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1. A man’s love is not measured by how much he gives, but by how much he takes away.

2. A woman’s love is not measured in material things, but in her heart.

3. A man should treat his wife as if she were his best friend.

4. A man who loves his wife shows it by being faithful to her.

5. A man who treats his wife well will have children who treat him well.

6. A man who does not respect his wife will lose respect for himself.

7. A man who respects his wife will find true happiness.

8. A man who loves a woman will make sacrifices for her.

9. A man who loves someone will always do what is right for them.

10. A man who loves is patient.

11. A man who loves will never give up hope.

12. A man who loves knows how to forgive.

13. A man who loves understands the value of family.

14. A man who loves has no fear.