The Best Wellness Devices and Gizmos for Everyone on Your List in 12 Days of Technology 2022

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CBD oil is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. It’s been shown to have many therapeutic effects, including relief of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, inflammation, and seizures. It may even help people sleep.

CBD Vape Pen

A vape pen is a battery-powered device designed to vaporize e-liquids containing CBD. Vaping is a great way to consume CBD because it delivers CBD directly to the bloodstream without any smoke inhalation. To use a vape pen, fill it with CBD-infused e-liquid and insert the cartridge into the mouthpiece. Press down on the button to start vaping.

CBD Tincture

Tinctures are liquid extracts that allow you to ingest CBD orally. You simply add hot water to the bottle and let it sit until cool before consuming. You can then drink the mixture straight from the bottle or mix it in some food.

CBD Capsules

Capsules are capsules filled with CBD. These should be taken orally.

CBD E-Liquids

E-liquids are liquids that contain CBD. There are two types of e-liquids: clear and cloudy. Clear e-liquids look like regular old eliquid while cloudy ones look more like thick syrup. Both taste delicious and provide a similar effect.

CBD Dog Treats

These treats are perfect for dogs who love to chew! Simply put them in their bowl and they’ll go crazy over them.

CBD Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage that tastes good and provides plenty of caffeine. But did you know that it can also be infused with CBD? If you want to make coffee at home, infuse it yourself using this recipe.