Virginia’s Top Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

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1. Medbox

Medbox is a remote patient monitoring company based out of Virginia Beach, VA. Their service provides patients with real-time access to their medical data via mobile devices. Patients can view their vitals at any time and receive alerts if they need to take action right away.

2. HealthVault

HealthVault is a cloud-based platform that enables patients to securely share their electronic health records (EHR) with their providers. Providers can then review information about each patient’s history and treatment plan.

3. CareCloud

CareCloud is a remote patient monitoring system that connects caregivers and patients using video conferencing technology. Both parties have access to live video feeds of the patient’s room, allowing them to communicate and interact with each other.

4. VitalHub

VitalHub is a telemedicine company that uses remote patient monitoring to provide healthcare services to underserved communities. By connecting patients to doctors, nurses, and specialists over the internet, they improve access to quality care.

5. Telehealth Exchange

Telehealth Exchange is a telemedicin…