A healthy plant-based diet may reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by up to 22%.

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According to a recent study, a healthy plant-based diet may considerably lower the incidence of colorectal cancer, particularly for men.
Women did not exhibit the similar trend, according to the study, even if they may have initially had a healthier diet.
A balanced diet, according to experts, might be advantageous for a variety of reasons.

A plant-based diet may significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. These are the conclusions of a study carried out by a group of researchers from the United States and South Korea, which was published in BMC MedicineTrusted Source.

the study’s findings

This week’s study, which included 173,427 people from various ethnic backgrounds, was released. Men who ate a healthy plant-based diet had decreased incidences of colorectal cancer, according to the findings, which were obtained after an average follow-up period of slightly over 19 years.

The study’s female participants did not experience the same advantages.

A total of 4,976 participants had colorectal cancer, it was discovered. In order to look for any additional patterns, additional analysis divided the participants into a variety of subgroups, including those who smoked and drank alcohol as well as by race and ethnicity.

Main conclusions

Researchers discovered that men who consumed the healthiest plant-based diets had a 22% lower risk of getting colorectal cancer.
When compared to populations who identified as African American and Latino, Japanese-American, Native Hawaiian, and white people had bigger differences in the health benefits for men.
Instead of either side of the colon, the rectum was more likely to develop cancer as a result of poor eating.

The researchers evaluated the quality of both plant-based foods and animal products using a set of data tools.