Airport of Newcastle’s best parking options

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1. Airport Parking

Parking at Newcastle International airport is not cheap. If you’re planning to fly out of the airport, then you’ll need to pay around £30 per day. However, if you’re only flying in, then you can park for free. There are two different types of parking at the airport – short term and long term. Short-term parking is ideal if you’re just going to stay overnight before catching your flight. Long-term parking is ideal for those who plan to spend several days in the city. You can find both short-term and long-term parking at the airport.

2. Park & Ride

If you don’t want to drive to the airport, then you can take the Park & Ride service. This service runs between the airport and the city centre, and takes about 30 minutes. The cost is £8.50 per person, and you can book online here.

3. Car Parks

There are plenty of car parks near the airport. These range from £10 to £20 per day. Most of these are located outside the terminal building, but some are inside.

4. Train Station

The train station is close to the airport, and it’s a good idea to use public transport to get to the airport. The journey time is approximately 15 minutes. Tickets start from £2.60 per single journey, and they can be bought from machines at the station.

5. Taxi

Taxi fares vary depending on where you’re heading. Fares start from £15 for trips to the city centre. Taxis are easily accessible from the airport, and you can call them using the number 0191 222 2222.