You’ve Just Graduated. What Comes Next?

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One thing jumps out above the others after talking to numerous college grads and reading numerous stories regarding the job pathways that college grads are taking.

Nobody has ever claimed that their chosen profession is something they are passionate about. Instead, I hear people discuss an emerging industry, decent income, or a strong job market in such regions.

Many people are unaware that the job market adapts to the state of the economy. A career may be in high demand right now, but in five or 10 years it might be like a sinking ship.

Jobs that appear promising today could not be appreciated in five or ten years, or they might be oversaturated with candidates who are just as qualified as you are. But even more crucial is the possibility that, with technology developing at a breakneck pace, the very jobs that seem so secure and offer excellent salaries could be replaced by more advanced and effective alternatives, rendering your work obsolete.

People now have more possibilities than in previous decades to find fulfilling careers after graduating, but they don’t appear to take advantage of those opportunities. And this alone will probably explain why they will feel downhearted, underappreciated, and unloved at work in the future.

These are the people who work to pay the bills yet count down the days till retirement, when they will still be unhappy with their lives.

Find something you’re passionate about, and I’ll work with you to find a method to make money doing it, is what I advise everyone of my clients. What do I hear back in turn? “I’m not sure about what I’m passionate about.”

How will you ever figure out what gives your life purpose if you don’t know what you’re passionate about while you’re in college?

Asking yourself what you want to be when you grow up is not the only step in this process. It might not be preparing you to make a professional decision. What animates and thrills you is what matters. What gets your juices flowing is what matters.

Find your passion, and you’ll have a job you enjoy that pays the bills during the worst economic times. Go for it if a degree is required. Make a field for it if there isn’t one already. Give something you are passionate about a name if it doesn’t already have one. But above all, seek it out and dedicate your life to it.