In the Northeast’s Scenic Hills, a Green Paradise

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You arrive at a place where the sky is completely shrouded in clouds via winding, narrow roads. The gorgeous offbeat tourist resort “Lolegaon” is located in the north eastern hill ranges of India, hidden away in the Kalimpong highlands. Film shoots have taken place frequently in this 5000-person Lepcha community. At a height of 1,675 meters, Lolegaon is situated at the furthest point of a Himalayan ridge. Even though Lolegaon is a tiny tourist destination, the heritage Pine and Oak forest with the Himalayas in the background is its main claim to fame.

Lolegaon is the ideal location for a quick weekend escape for those who enjoy trekking, mountaineering, and hiking. The location is also perfect for spending quiet, meaningful time with loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Numerous animals can be seen here in their native habitat. Black bears, mountain goats, countless colorful birds, butterflies, and other endangered species live in the old forest expanse of tall, towering Pine, Cypress, and Oak trees. Nothing can compare to the peace and quiet that this location provides, which enables one to fully appreciate nature’s splendor.

The most well-known sights in “Lolegaon” include the Lolegaon Monastery, Canopy Walk, Sunset Point at Ramitey-Dara, and Jhandi Dhara Sunrise Point. Many people have the desire of watching the sun rise over the snow-capped peaks from Jhandi-Dara, a forested mountaintop. From here, one may view all of the Kanchenjunga’s principal peaks on clear days. If one is fortunate, they may even be able to see Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, looming in the distance and bathed in the Sun’s first rays. You can experience the Heritage Forest’s famed “Canopy Walk,” which will awe you with its abundance of natural beauty. A unique attraction is a footbridge that hangs over a forest of enormous trees.

Given that practically all of the hotels in this area overlook the magnificent Kanchenjunga Mountain Range, tourists find “Lolegaon” to be very thrilling. The entire village, the town of Kalimpong in the distance, and the majestic mountains shrouded in clouds can all be seen from the luxurious luxury of one’s room. Make sure to reserve in advance to get the best accommodations if you intend to travel during the busiest time of year. You can get a glimpse of local handicrafts, items you can add to your collection as a treasured memory, in charming shops tucked away by the highway.

From Siliguri, it takes 4 hours to travel to “Lolegaon” via Kalimpong and Lava. As you ascend, the roads will be bordered with tall trees and flanked on both sides by numerous lush green tea gardens. It’s a beautiful view of the far blue hills. Bagdogra Airport and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station are the closest airports and railroad stations, respectively. From here, you can take a taxi or a vehicle rental to Lolegaon.