A Poor Aaster Or A Good Servant?

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It is commonly recognized that technology has been a good servant, contributing greatly to society. Healthcare, education, crime detection, business efficiency, increased communications, life enrichment, time savings, and the chance to have fun with things like the personal computer have all advanced.

Technology has also been referred to as a bad master for a number of unsettling reasons, however that is a very big however. Therefore, buckle up because things are about to get bumpy; here is a list of those unsettling causes.

Police state and surveillance

We have passed the point of no return, like a runaway train headed toward dystopia, in light of Edward Snowden’s revelations and the extent of our surveillance: Phone hacking, GPS, smart meters of a sort, CCTV cameras (1 for every 11 people in the UK), online chat media monitoring, face recognition technology, proposals for cashless society, and vehicles without drivers all figure into the technology landscape today. Every device and gizmo of the brave new world unintentionally traps us.

-Every communication tool is being watched. No murmur goes unheard…

And that’s not the end of it. The plan for human microchipping is still evolving. Then there are proposals to equip vehicles with black boxes and V2 transmitters that will collect and monitor performance data, including driver or passenger ID, location, direction, and usage of the gearbox and breaks.

Jim Farley, vice president of Ford Motor Company, admitted in so many words that because to GPS in cars, we already know who breaks the law when and how.

Don’t believe the nonsense that says these measures are simply in place for your protection and that nothing should concern you provided you abide by the law.

The elite hidden powers that be with their enslavement plan know they’re going to make some pretty dang unpopular decisions, and the surveillance and control are there to deal with the anticipated blowback from those “troublesome people,” as this glib Orwellian doublespeak conceals. In the Big Brother state run by the Imperial government, you won’t have any privacy.


Unmanned drones that are controlled by a person sitting at a computer will soon be commonplace in the air. They will be able to detect body movements day or night, look through walls, recognize faces, take over or spy on emails, text messages, and online browsing habits, just like something out of the Steven Spielberg science fiction blockbuster “Minority Report.”

The weapon of battle

Armed military drones have been employed to locate and eliminate adversaries. What you won’t learn from the mainstream media is that reports from doctors claim that up to 30% of the people killed or seriously injured as a result of the harm caused by these drones were innocent men, women, and children.

EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies

The knowledge that low frequency electromagnetic radiation, such as that emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi, can cause major health issues like depression and cancer, has been kept under wraps by vested commercial interests. The “2012 Bio-initiative Report” provides evidence for this, identifying thousands of pages where excessive use has led to poor health.

social behavior is dead

It has been said that technology is destroying social behavior because emails, texts, and social media websites are replacing too much actual human interaction. Indeed, the latter lacks the attributes of the former, which leads to loneliness and, for some, reclusive behavior.


The general public has been diverted by technology. Many individuals have lost themselves in never-ending distractions, such as those who are, for example, hooked to video games, rather than comprehending the problems of the world and then rising up and taking action that changes them. Some people who use technology too much develop attention deficit disorder.

This is known to the shadowy authorities, and it has long been one of their best-kept secrets.


The globe might experience the worst chaos if a planetary event occurred that caused the electronics to malfunction.

To make noise

More people need to wake up and see how technology is being used to enslave us. The public needs to be made fully aware of this. As a result, more and more spiritually awakened people will turn away from bad master technology and use their inner selves to create thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as engage in meditation, affirmations, and prayer in order to produce results that differ from those intended by the secretive powers that be.

It is important to not undervalue the power of a sincere desire to make this happen. The essential elements required to establish an alternative reality that would lead us into a new paradigm experience based on love, peace, and light are to “spread the word” and to do one’s “inner work.”